The T&T fence is made of white polypropylene tubes using a high-performance material that has absolutely unique characteristics: it is resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays, it has a high durability, excellent resistance, does not splinter, does not deform and does not require particular maintenance, allowing significant savings in economic terms. Particularly suitable for horses, the fence is able to absorb kicks and pushes without being damaged and without causing injuries to animals.

TheT&T fence can be made with two or three horizontal traverses. The length of the traverse is 3470 mm, the inner diameter is 67 mm and the outer diameter is 75 mm (thickness 4 mm). The upright is 1400 mm long for the 2-traverses fence and 1600 mm long for the three-traverses fence. With an internal diameter of 116 mm and an external diameter of 124 mm (thickness 4 mm), the upright is supplied already drilled and complete with steel tip, bushing for fixing to the ground and white polypropylene lid. Normally the distance between uprightsis 1.75 meters.

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